Optimize Internet Speed (Free)


Why do you need to enhance your internet speed ? 
By knowing that Linux is Most Powerful Operating System 
This application will help you improve your download and browsing speed on your android device, also we gave you the advantage to select different adapters for example (wlan0,lo,etc....), and its safe to use this application. 
You cannot find challenging program on internet that will optimize your internet and increase your download speed by 100 KB/s Just for 2$ 
Usage: Turn on your WiFi and select the correct adapter for your WiFi on your device and after that press on optimize button in order to optimize your internet speed. Please know that every time you turn off your WiFi and then turn it on you should go back to the program and optimize it again by clicking on optimize button. 
1- This app is for rooted devices please make sure you have superuser app installed as a system app in order to grant access, and make sure that your device is rooted properly. 
2- Tested on MTK6575, MTK6582 Rooted Devices. 
Compatible with all other devices

Download from Google Play